Lack of access to energy perpetuates poverty

We believe that lack of access to energy is one of the fundamental perpetuators of rural poverty. Why is this important? Because millions of people are dying unnecessarily and poverty is a difficult cycle to break. RVE.SOL (pronounced R-V-E-Sol) is a triple bottom line [People, Planet, Profit] social entrepreneurship, not a charity, dedicated to solving this issue.

We have built "KUDURA" meaning “the power to change” in Swahili

KUDURA is the only integrated, reliable, proven sustainable development solution designed to end rural poverty by empowering poor communities themselves. Using proven technology, KUDURA can be customized and scaled to provide electricity, gas, fertilizer and clean water to:

  • Rural villages
  • Rural schools
  • Rural clinics and hospitals
  • Small scale farms and factories
  • Private residences

It provides cost-effective energy and water services to those with unreliable grid access or for those off the grid completely. KUDURA is purchased by governments, NGOs or private businesses and then the communities or businesses pay for the energy and water services as they would from any other utility provider.

This access to clean energy and water saves money, creates jobs, provides educational opportunities and enables entrepreneurs to launch small businesses or make the businesses they have more efficient. As a result, income is created and savings are earned; and this income reduces rural poverty.

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KUDURA sustainable development energy and water solution in action Sidonge, Kenya