The KUDURA water purification system has been designed to withstand harsh rural African conditions and has been in reliable operation in rural Kenya . It is an ultrafiltration-based system offering a filtration rate of up to 4800 litres per hour, completely autonomous operation and does not require an external power source – solar energy powers the plant directly. It pumps raw water directly from the source, be it a river, lake, dam or external water tank – after a two-stage filtration process comprising ultra-violet treatment and ultrafiltration, the water is rendered completely potable.

KUDURA water quality is certified for drinking in Kenya and Portugal and shortly will also be certified in Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda.

Via the external operator panel the user is able to dispense 10, 20 or 40 litres at a time in less than 80 seconds. We provide customisation of the system allowing KUDURA to fit into any operational model including storing potable water in external, raised tanks.

We use an on-demand, force-fed ultrafilter filtration system offering a 16m2 filter area and a pore size of 20nm. The nano-pores of the ultrafilter provide removal characteristics that meet and exceed regulatory requirements for application of membrane filtration in drinking water treatment. The system has proven to fully remove virus, cyst and bacteria, tested against US EPA Standards. Virus, bacteria and parasites are removed with >99.99% effectiveness.

RVE.SOL uses Seccua Gmbh ultra-filtration filters and equipment. Our partnership with Seccua provides us access to quality, reliable equipment, first rate customer service and a team of individuals passionate about what we are doing.

The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum water consumption of 5 litres per person per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Providing a minimum of 1000 litres of potable water per day, we can provide a sufficient water for 200 people or 35 families in the base-configuration. Larger systems can provide up to 25,000 litres per day.

With our remote monitoring of the system, the plant owner/user is kept abreast of system performance and function. This allows remote diagnosis of water purification quantity, filter condition, cleaning process and fault analysis.