A central monitoring system monitors and controls system function and provides remote telemetry (management and diagnostics) via a GPRS wireless data connection to our centralised server. Real-time, 24×7 remote data access allows monitoring of all deployed systems and, where necessary, provides for intervention to guarantee “quality of service” to our consumers.

A database captures data from the RVE units, which is used to drive real-time alerts and warnings to appropriate people, be it the energy vendor, the service technician or the system owner. System variables such as battery condition and status, load power demand curves, water and biogas system variables are monitored and when necessary a remote shut-down or consumer circuit disconnect can be initiated.

The Remote Monitor allows full dynamic visibility of the following system variables:

  • insolation rates, both current and over time
  • solar power generated to date
  • electricity consumed to date
  • battery charge status, state of health condition and charge cycles
  • water filter status, raw water levels, potable water generated
  • biogas system pressures and temperatures