KUDURA energy access platform includes a whole quality and customized solution regarding payment system, tariff options, changes in consumer behavior and affordability and scalability from household consumers to Small and Medium Enterprises.

KUDURA flexible mobile prepayment is a market driven affordability option, using mobile money through a service provider. The smart metering system provides a range of easy payment options.

Upgrades or downgrades power tariff are based on the needs without changing the hardware: the payment may start on a daily basis, change to a monthly basis later and return to a daily or weekly payment again when cash flow is low.

Consumers may choose having power 24h/ 7days or in specific period(s) of time depending on subscription tariff.

KUDURA energy access platform includes different tariffs, from Home to Business users, with different kWh echelons. Tariffs can be increased for Productive Energy use during harvest needs and decreased when not necessary.

Consumers can start with a Mobile prepayment and go Postpaid when developing a credit profile.

Customer electricity consuming data is measured, registered and managed for each consumer, who receives warnings and alerts when tariff is close to expire, there are overloads or credit is running low.

Turn off and alert message to the operator happens automatically if someone tries to open the box, ensuring local security.