KUDURA Sustainable Development Solutions

KUDURA is an integrated clean energy and water solution that provides renewable electricity and biogas, potable water and organic fertiliser where there are none. Electricity is typically provided via micro- or mini-grid while water and biogas are collected from the central location where the unit is installed.

KUDURA is flexible and can be scaled to support anywhere from 1 home or business to 1200 individual rural customers. Incorporating technology components from the world’s leading manufacturers, it is designed and built for maximum quality and reliability to ISO9000 standards, setting the standard for off-grid energy and water solutions. Kudura can be deployed in a variety of settings and uses:

By providing rural families, schools, clinics and businesses with alternate sources of renewable energy and potable water, KUDURA reduces operational expenditure, creates jobs, enables businesses, saves lives and ends poverty sustainably.

To reliably provide these cost-effective life-changing services, KUDURA utilises world leading technology in the form of a number of discrete but integrated sub-systems: a hybrid Solar Photovoltaic plant, a Biogas and organic fertiliser plant, a Water Purification plant and a Central Monitoring system for oversight of the system’s function and piece of mind. The system is a scaleable, self contained, integrated and completely stand-alone renewable energy solution. Typical installations require less than 24 hours until “switch-on”.

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